A legend departs

A legend departs

Farewell to Wayne

While we’ve grown a bit in recent times Topflite is still at heart a tight-knit, family-run business. Most of our team have been with us for years and years. This makes it all the more difficult when one of the team leaves – the gap they leave is considerable.

Such was the case when Wayne McMaster recently retired from his work in dual roles as our Site Manager and Get Things Done Guy. A top bloke, his easygoing nature and pitch-in-and-get-it-done work ethic will be sorely missed.

Wayne originally was employed to work on the farm, his previous experience in farming certainly helpful here. While moving to picking orders daily here, the company’s move into a distribution hub in Oamaru saw Wayne begin as Site Manager at Rosedale. Here his days were filled overseeing the team with dressing, mixing, bagging, hay production and the soft food mixing (along with many other tasks too).

After twelve years working here Wayne’s depth of knowledge on all things Topflite has been a huge asset to the company. Indeed, taking a tour of the farm operation was an eye-opening event for newcomers, Wayne’s experience with every facet of the farm work clear to all.

Throughout his time here he has grown his skill-set further. Asked what’s changed most in his time here and he says, “a lot more work is done on computers these days”.

“We only had a few full time workers when I started,” says Wayne. “The company has grown incredibly over the twelve years. I’ve really enjoyed the progressive outlook here. They’re always looking forward to the next thing – there’s no time for standing still.”

While we’re sad to see Wayne go it’s certainly a bittersweet feeling. Now he’s retired there’ll be more time for travel to some of his favourite places (Manapouri being one such destination) and, with four adult sons and grandchildren, further opportunities to spend valuable time with family.

Thanks for twelve years of hard work and great results Wayne. We wish you all the best for free-flying years ahead!

Topflite Wayne