Better by Burgess

Better by Burgess

Why your fluffy and furry friends will love this food…

For rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla, rat and mouse owners in the UK, the Burgess brand has been trusted for decades now. Now, as the New Zealand supplier for this popular range, we’re finding more and more Kiwis are sharing their love for the healthy pet food.

There are a lot of similarities between our two companies. We are both family-run. Both have had generations grow up with the work.

We both know the importance of natural, local ingredients – theirs from the fields around northern England and ours from the south of New Zealand. We also both value the expertise of animal nutrition experts and place emphasis on rigorous research and development and ongoing testing to ensure only the highest quality of end product.

Their company history is a lot like ours too, albeit that it reaches back a couple of extra decades. As an independent business Burgess actually traces it’s roots back to the 17th century when the company first started work as flour millers in Yorkshire. In 1965 the business model changed and an animal feed business began.

In 1987 the family again ‘pivoted’ in their approach, this time moving into pet food production. The old mill became Burgess Group headquarters and production moved into a new facility. From there the Burgess name has grown far and wide and, in 2016, we were proud to add their brand to our stable.

As one of the UK’s leading pet food manufacturers, the Burgess range is constantly evolving to cope with fresh demands and new methodologies. At Topflite we are proud to stock the world-leading brand.

“Their (Burgess) premium food takes small animal food to another level. More than 90% of UK vets recommend feeding Burgess for good reason,” says General Manager Greg Webster. “Which is why we’re so pleased to make it available to New Zealand’s small animal lovers”

Topflite provide a range of nuggets for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats and mice, as well as speciality treats like Blueberry Bakes and Parsley Treats for rabbits and guinea pigs. Many of these products workgreat as complementary feeds and, with animals simply loving the taste, they’re perfect for hand feeding.

If you’re interested in feeding your furry friend some delicious Burgess treats click here to find a stockist.

We are always looking to refine our range too. So if there is anything in particular that you’re after please get in touch. If it’s natural, healthy and good for New Zealand’s animals we’ll be interested!