Bugging out

Bugging out

Delicious crickets, now in stock!

Naturally packed with protein, and satisfyingly crunchy to the bite,  crickets are much loved by birds, reptiles and tropical fish. However keeping live crickets can be messy and expensive. So after many requests from bird breeders and pet stores alike, we’re pleased to announce that we now distribute dried crickets. They’re available in 75g pottles from New Zealand’s best pet stores and garden centres.

Check the availability at your local stockist.

As insects form a natural part of the omnivore’s diet, feeding two to five crickets each day is a natural way to diversify food offerings with a  sustainable protein source.

Birds that are natural insect eaters love eating crickets – which is why we’ve had so many requests from our aviary bird breeders. Doves, pigeons, finches, quail and parrots particularly enjoy them, and wild bird visitors will also appreciate a few crickets left out near the bird feeder.

Reptile and fish owners will already know crickets are an easy way to serve up natural protein to their scaled pals.

Dorothy, a bearded dragon, will eat between two and five crickets in a 24 hour period.

In cold periods of weather reptiles enter a hibernation-like state called brumation. As they hardly eat anything at all during this time they become almost entirely inactive. Now, as we’re heading into spring, it’s the perfect time to tempt them back into activity with some crunchy critters.

And yes, you could even share a meal with them. Crickets are being touted as the most sustainable protein for our growing human population and are widely eaten in many countries. While our crickets are for animal consumption only, check out these New Zealand-made edible insect products for humans if you’re interested.

Forget our Aussie friends with their requests to throw another prawn on the barbie. Now’s the time for barbeque grasshoppers!