Meet the team: Dawn Dunjey

Meet the team: Dawn Dunjey

The growth in our business over the last decade has only been a success thanks to people like Dawn.

As our chief treat producer she’s part of our dream team in making sure our Topflite bird and small animal treats are made to the highest standard. It’s her diligence and ‘get-it-done for the team’ attitude that makes such a difference. Her experience and lead by example work ethic will be sorely missed. Dawn is retiring at the of the year and we all hope she gets to enjoy the retirement she deserves!

Position: Production Manager

How long have you worked at Topflite? Since 2007 – close to one and a half decades now!

What does your daily work involve? Running my shed, training people and making sure the right product is on the right shelves to pick.

What’s the best part of the job? The people. My co-workers are wonderful and it’s a really great company.

Do you have any pets? My cat Tilly died recently. She was from the farm, and I had her since 2007 (which means she was close to 18 years old when she died!). We'll be getting a staffy from Nelson again when I retire, a brindle with a white blaze. A staffy was my first dog and know them well. They’re loyal but not aggressive and I’m looking forward to another one.

What’s your favourite animal? Dogs – they’re loyal and cute.

Where’s your favourite place in New Zealand? Motueka – it’s a laidback community and where I’ve got some of my best friends. We bought our first house in Motueka over 36 years ago and my eldest son was born in the area.

How has the work changed since you first started? It’s all changed so much and is now very different from when I started, but in a good way. Glenys and I are both retiring at the end of the year and we are the last of the original crew here.

Outside of work what are your interests? I’ve got lots of interests to stay busy with – walking and tramping and getting out on the electric bike.

What are your plans for the future and retirement? I’ll be getting out on the ebike and tramping, particularly with doing the Hollyford and Heaphy tracks. I’m also looking forward to more trips to Motueka to visit my friends!