Your Spring Chicken Checklist

Your Spring Chicken Checklist

It’s time to tick the bok bok boxes!

Spring is here and, with it, some chicken chores to get sorted. Here are some of the more important tasks to tick off… 

  1. Chicken-proof your garden.

Got a favourite patch or vege plot you don’t want the birds to butcher? With plenty of fresh spring growth for other precious plants now’s the time to make sure everything is fenced off and locked tight. 

  1. Change up your feeding.

With less egg production and molting in winter your chicken will need more carbs and less protein. However once spring is underway protein becomes far more important as your flock prepares for the challenge of intense egg laying over summer.

Adding more dried insects like mealworms and insect medley to their diet will help provide this much-needed protein. Feeding Hen Health tonic is really helpful at this time too, the ingredients providing plenty of benefits, including essential vitamins and minerals from seaweed, protein and fibre from oats and an immunity booster from garlic.

  1. Make the time for a clean out.

When spring-cleaning the main house take some time to get into the hen house too. Making any repairs to the house or the run is always easier without the biting cold to deal with and, after the damp of winter, now’s a good time to check for rot or mould in timber.

It’s also a lot easier to clear out the excess droppings that may have accumulated over the colder months. So now’s the time to roll up the sleeves and get stuck in. 

  1. Get ready for the warmer months.

So too is it important (particularly for those in the south) to gradually take out any additional winter weatherproofing and increase the airflow in the coop. This will ensure your chooks are comfortable over the warmer nights ahead.

So too is it a good time to let the chickens roam out. They’ll be looking for additional seeds and bugs in your lawn and garden to supplement their daily feed. 

  1. Check for bugs and mites.

Some bugs and mites can hibernate over winter before quickly breeding and causing problems with the arrival of warmer weather. A careful health check now can save lots of stress in summer – the sooner you can identify and treat any issues the better. And speaking of breeding…

  1. Keep an eye on broody hens

Spring is when hens become more broody and you’ll need to remember to check them and remove eggs consistently. Also be sure to check they aren’t sneaking off to a hidden stash of eggs somewhere. Many a free-range chicken owner has been surprised by an unexpected arrival of new chicks.

If you’re looking to increase the size of your flock the warmer weather and longer days also makes this the perfect time of year to rear and raise chicks. Make sure you have space and feed to raise them safely.