Meet the team - Trace Venimore

Meet the team - Trace Venimore

Trace is our Regional Sales Manager for the central & southern areas of the North Island so it’s fair to say that she’s on the road for much of her week! Trace is based in Whanganui and has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the pet and retail industry.

What’s the best part of the job? We work with some great companies and fantastic people. I get to work with the staff who do an amazing job. It’s so rewarding to see such enthusiasm and willingness to learn. A lot of the staff are teaching me along the way as they have so much industry knowledge to pass on, it’s great! I also really enjoy the travel as I get to see the most beautiful country in the world on a daily basis.  

Do you have any pets? I don’t own animals at the moment as I am always on the road. Fortunately because of where I live I get to enjoy the tuis, wood pigeons, green finches and little wax eyes that visit my garden.  

What’s your favourite animal? I do have a soft spot for lambs and calves.  I used to pick up mis-mothered lambs and take them home when I was younger which never went down well. However my mother did continue looking after one even when I had left home.   

Where’s your favourite place in New Zealand? You can’t go past a New Zealand beach on a good day. From my own rugged West Coast black sands covered in driftwood to the golden beaches up north and then down south: there’s so much variety. So no real favourite place but it certainly involves a beach.

Outside of work what are your interests? I love spending time with friends. Having more girls weekends away would be great, you can never get enough of those! I’m always looking for the next concert or fun run or just a good cafe to get out and about to socialise. I also love a good movie or book.