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Chicken Gift Box


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This giftbox will be much loved by backyard chicken owners, or those keen to give their own flock some nourishing treats and boredom busters. Our NZ made Poultry Pecker is a powerhouse of chia, garlic and herbs tightly packed into an enriching (and entertaining) tasty treat. The perfect way to keep your hens happy and healthy (while making them work for it!). The Hen Health Tonic is also made in Oamaru New Zealand, and is a healthy pick-me-up for chickens, packed full of goodness and tailor-made for laying hens. Also included is our Insect Medley, 100% natural treats loaded with calcium and protein - let chickens do what chickens do best by giving them the chance to scratch around on the ground for this tasty mix of dried insects.

1 x Poultry Pecker
1 x Hen Health Tonic pottle
1 x Insect Medley bag (125g)
1 x Gift card
1 handy re-useable wooden box

Instructions for use: Feed ad hoc, birds will regulate their intake as required.  Place in a feeder mixed with their regular feed or spread on the ground to encourage natural foraging behaviour.

Keep feeders clean and always have fresh water available to keep your flock in fine fettle.

Poultry Pecker Ingredients: Wheat, kibbled maize, oats, coarse grit, black sunflower, green peas, carrot, broccoli, gelatine, garlic, chia seeds, oregano, parsley, mealworms.

Hen Health Tonic Ingredients: Rolled oats, wheat, sunflower seeds, garlic, seaweed flake.

Insect Medley Ingredients: Dried crickets, dried mealworms, dried grasshoppers.