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Goodie Goodie Chicken Feed Subscription

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Nutritious feed, delicious treats – your flock can have it all with this fantastic subscription for chickens. The Scratch & Lay provides the very best in ongoing natural nutrition to your flock. Poultry Pellets compliment the Scratch & Lay mix in this subscription by providing added vitamins, minerals and trace elements for egg production.

Each month you'll receive:
20kg Scratch & Lay &
10kg Poultry Pellets delivered
Sufficient feed for approximately 5 - 6 chooks
A 18% saving!

How much feed for your flock?
The numbers that count…

  • An average sized hen needs around 150 grams of quality, nutritious feed, every day.
  • The average layer hen needs approximately 16% protein in their daily diet.


 * minimum of three months for this subscription