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Rabbit & Guinea Pig Gift Box


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This gift box will be a haven of goodies for the small furries in someone’s life. Rabbits, guinea pigs and all small animals (herbivores) will love this gift box full of NZ made and grown goodness. Two packs of Timothy Cakes are included as well as a box of our Meadow Medley – both packed with natural Timothy Hay, natural flowers and dried vegetables. Also included are six apple and carrot Munchies and our famous cranberry Bonanza Bar. To top it off, these goodies are all packed in our irresistible and sweet smelling NZ-grown Timothy Hay – let your furry friend help you nibble their way into their package and get some nourishment along the way.


1 x Timothy Cake box – Floral Fusion
1 x Timothy Cake box – Garden Goodness
1 x Meadow Medley box
1 x Cranberry Bonanza Bar
6 x Apple & carrot munchies
1 x Gift card
1 handy re-useable wooden box

Munchies Ingredients: Apple, Carrot, Parsley, Thyme, edible binding agent

Floral Fusion Timothy Cake Ingredients: Timothy Hay (chopped), mint, parsley, calendula flowers, rose petals, edible binding agent.

Garden Goodness Timothy Cake Ingredients: Timothy Hay (chopped), mint, parsley, dried apple, dried carrot, edible binding agent.

Meadow Medley Ingredients: Timothy Hay (chopped), parsley, mint, hibiscus flower, calendula flowers, dandelion herb, rose petals, chamomile flowers.

Cranberry Bonanza Bar Ingredients: rabbit pellets (barley, peas, grass seed meal, soyabean meal, canola, linseed, maize, oats, wheat, wheat by products, molasses, soya oil, sodium bentonite, vitamins & minerals), kibbled maize, whole oats, sunflower, feed nuts(barley meal, pea meal, wheatbran, pollard, molasses, salt, calcium, carbonate, selenium, vitamins & minerals), sorghum, bran, chaff, dextrose, salt , cranberry.

Instructions for use: Feed the hay and hay treats ad hoc. Feed as part of a balanced diet. Remember: too many munchies can result in weight gain, general idleness and long periods of video game playing. Possibly – we can’t say for sure.