We’re happy as a dog with two tails to announce a collaboration with our friends at Scoop Dog. 

Why all the tail-wagging? Not only are these dog treats out-the-gate delicious; they also make use of high quality meat that otherwise might have gone to waste. 

See, Topflite Hound treats are made from 100% New Zealand-raised beef and chicken, freeze-dried raw. This process preserves the natural goodness but leaves us with some crumbly bits at the end. 

Fortunately, Scoop Dog, local dog treat innovators, had some creative ideas for using up our leftovers.

Together we're winning, not binning.

Shake, Shake Shake!

Steak, Egg and Chips is a classic flavour combo that your dog can now enjoy too. 

Leftovers of our Steak Bites are at the heart of this clever product which can be used with a Lickimat as a treat, sprinkled on food as a meal topper or mixed with warm water to make a delicious gravy. 

Steak Bites

Simply 100% pasture-grazed New Zealand beef, Hound Steak Bites are packed with lean protein.

We lock in the natural goodness of raw meat by freeze-drying it. Low in fat and boasting a plethora of vitamins and minerals for healthy dogs, they'll keep Frankie looking fit for the dog park!

Healthy & local
Natural & nutritious

Like us, Scoop Dog believe that our four-legged friends deserve the best when it comes to treats. 

But the similarities don’t stop there.

They’re also a family run company, and like us, based in Otago. What sealed the deal however, is Scoop Dog’s commitment to using premium, natural, locally sourced ingredients. It mirrors our own values around nurturing nature and using New Zealand-grown ingredients.

See Scoop Dog's full range here.

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As a component of a healthy and balanced diet, raw meat has numerous benefits for canine health. 

For all the hows, whys and wheres, see our tips.

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Here are some other ways 

we're making goodness go further...

Using byproducts

Our Wild Bird Blueberry Energy food range uses blueberry skins left over from the juicing process as part of a power-packed bird food recipe.  

Compostable packaging

We’re committed to eliminating single-use plastic from our packaging by 2025 and are well on the way towards this goal.

Reducing food waste

In-house, we’ve been looking at ways to make food go further. Throwing away food to landfill not only wastes money but creates unnecessary methane emissions.