Cute and cuddly tiny teddy tomfoolery

Cute and cuddly tiny teddy tomfoolery

The best laid plans of rats and women make for some delightful photography…

Two creative pet owners have proven there’s nothing so universal than snuggling up with a teddy bear at the end of a hard day toiling away in the rat race.

Hollywood does it all the time – when two films are released with very similar plots (e.g. A Bug’s Life/Antz, Olympus Has Fallen/White House Down, The Emoji Movie/when the projector bursts into flames).

So it should come as no surprise when two apparently unrelated women began publishing photos of their pet rats holding tiny teddy bears. Clearly it was an idea whose time had come.

And what a great idea! Jessica Florence from Great Britain and Ellen van Deelen from the Netherlands have both captured some beautiful photos. Since the two first started sharing their pet photos the rat-and-teddy combination has apparently become quite the trend, with loving pet owners around the world joining in with their own unique versions.

Any New Zealand rat owners want to share with us their sweet rat snaps? We’d love to see them!

Main photo by Ricky Kharawala on Unsplash