Seasonal release 

Two flap-worthy flavours of
Wild Bird Energy Food

Our seasonal Wild Bird Energy Food blends are packed with vitamin-rich fruit and insect protein to keep birds flying high in winter. These two lush flavours are available as a limited run only, so don't get pipped at the post – they won't hang around for long!

Let's not beat around the bush...

Because the birds certainly won’t after they get a beakful of Bug & Berry Truffles. We’ve supercharged our berry energy recipe with a crunchy mix of dried critters, and it’s a hit! 

The added protein of dried mealworms, grasshoppers and crickets in Bug & Berry Cakes helps birds grow strong feathers and provides long-term sustenance when fat reserves are exhausted.

Now blending: Blueberry 

Freeze-dried blueberry skins are blended with our energy recipe to make a power-packed food for garden birds. 

Locally grown blueberries are the source of the heavenly scent and handsome colour. After juicing and processing, the skins are leftover as a byproduct – but we knew exactly how to make that goodness go further. 

Why feed fat-based food to wild birds?

Because natural food sources for birds are scarce in late autumn, winter and early spring, birds can often do with a bit of extra nourishment from our gardens.

Serving up a feed that’s high in essential fats and protein helps to supplement a bird’s natural diet of insects, berries and nectar – all of which are in short supply during colder months. Our recipe is based around high quality vegetable fat and hand-crafted by the Topflite team in Oamaru, New Zealand.

Why are birds attracted to bright colours?

Quite simply because many food sources like flowers and fruit are brightly coloured – often red, pink, yellow or orange – so birds are primed to seek them out.

As natural food sources dry up in autumn, birds descend from the forest and bush, appearing more frequently in the garden. It’s a good time to welcome them with eye-catching colour and the promise of a regular food source for winter.

Which birds benefit from Energy Food?

The cheeky tauhou (aka waxeye or silvereye) goes fruit-loopy for Energy Food! In cooler weather you’ll see them around bird feeders a lot more and you can also expect sparrows, yellowhammer, blackbirds and thrushes to join in for a feed.

Feeding garden birds a little extra nourishment can help them stay warm and keep energy levels high. It also increases the chances of a successful breeding season in spring.