D.I.Y your H.A.Y

D.I.Y your H.A.Y

Simple feeders you can make yourself

Scratching around for something to do over the last few days of the school holidays? From a box to some socks, sticks to baskets, here are some great DIY feeders that are fun for the whole family to make…

Rabbits need to eat a lot of hay in their diet. Unfortunately, they’re not exactly the most refined of eaters. So it’s important to keep the hay used by rabbits for bedding separate from that supplied for their dietary requirements.

For many bunny owners that means investing metal and wooden hay racks that can be hung above and away from the bedding straw. While they look good and last a long time these can be expensive.

The good news is that there are plenty of other ways to safely serve up hay to your bunny. Here are our favourite tips…

1. Sticks and screws. Get some screws and some solid, medium-sized sticks and a suitable base and top piece and it’s easy to make your own cage feeder. It’s potentially a good time to teach the kids about power tools too.

2. Box on. Yes, a simple small cardboard box with a cut down one side is enough to separate hay out. Use thick cardboard to make a little platform to keep it from ground level and then have fun decorating your new feeder with some bunny-inspired artwork or cool rabbit café brand.

3. Put your best foot forward. The humble sock can be filled with hay and have holes cut in it to work as a feeder. Otherwise a linen pillowcase can fulfil the same function.

4 The basket case. Repurposed picnic baskets make for great feeders if you’ve got the space – and they’re often cheap in op-shops or hidden away in wardrobes and attics.

5. Go fancy. If you’ve got a bit more time on your hands over the school holidays why not go all in and design and build a bespoke new feeding station for your loved pet?

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