Happy pet food

Happy pet food

Zealandia’s guide to ethically-sourced natural nutrition.

Free range chicken. Sustainably-sourced fish. Grass-fed cows. With trends for human food firmly favouring ethical sources and transparent production, it’s only natural to see demand replicated in the pet food industry. Enter Zealandia Pet Foods.

Since 2011 they have made premium pet food from the by-products of human-grade meat and fish production. Based in sunny Gisborne, all their ingredients can be traced back to their origin — New Zealand farms that adhere to strict quality control standards.

Zealandia affirms that a happy and healthy animal produces better quality meat – which means a better diet for your pets. Enzyme-rich lamb tripe provides a base for their cat and dog food, which is available in a range of delectable flavours such as Free-range NZ Lamb, Sustainable NZ Salmon and Wild Kangaroo. A maintenance dose of supplements is added for a balanced, healthy diet. Zealandia do not use grains or other ‘fillers’ to bulk up the food.

Zealandia’s boutique canning operation have exported their premium products around the world for years now. Long popular with conscious consumers in ten countries overseas, the brand is now available in pet and vet stores around New Zealand.

We are pleased to partner with Zealandia, whose ethos of quality and traceability echoes our own. Their ethically-sourced cat and dog food ranges are available from Topflite stockists or our website. Check out their great story and see the full range on their website.

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