Listen up!

Listen up!

4 podcasts for your listening pleasure 


Be it on the commute to work, exercising or getting through the housework, there are plenty of times throughout the day when a good podcast can transform mundanity into amusement.
Our last article on podcasts proved popular. So now we’re introducing four more options to help you live better, laugh more and, maybe, even learn a thing or two. 

1. The Science of Birds

Ivan Phillipsen is a professional nature guide and scientific researcher who (pre-pandemic) used to leads natural history tours around the world. He’s got a guide’s natural gift of the gab as well as a deep knowledge of birds, making each new episode of The Science of Birds a must-listen for many bird-lovers.

Each episode delves into a different bird-related subject matter, from looking into how birds respond to wildfires to forensic bird science. Ivan’s manner is cheerful and curious and he presents his findings in simple language (but not so simple as to seem demeaning). This is the quintessential podcast for anyone who loves birds and wants to know more about their behaviour and history.


2. Tune Into Nature

The soothing tones of wildlife filmmaker Karthic SS make for a peaceful accompaniment to your household chores or commute. His deep love of the wild, knowledge of animals, and appreciation of the natural world is always evident in each short, sincere episode.

Karthic tells stories of the places he visits before letting nature do the talking, with crystal clear recordings from forests, beaches and wetlands around New Zealand - usually close to his hometown of Dunedin - as subject matter. Produced by Oar FM with funding from Otago Regional Council’s Eco Fund and supported by the Centre of Science Communication at the University of Otago, this podcast is also a good way to end the day if you find nature sounds calming (and who doesn’t?).


3. Every Little Thing

Ever had an incredibly specific wonder, perhaps in the shower or the middle of the night, that can’t be solved with a quick google? Every Little Thing - or ELT - has the answers. Listeners call the ELT hotline with their burning questions. These can anything from ‘What’s it like inside a kangaroo pouch?', to ‘What is the flock living in my chimney?’

Presenter Flora Litchman delves deep into the topic, calling upon experts in each field to help find the answers. With a bright and pun-heavy presentation, ELT is both amusing and informative. Most episodes are around 20 minutes long too – which is about how long it’s going to take you to do that ironing, right?

4. This Podcast Has Fleas

Young kids will love this fun, upbeat podcast series about two duelling pets, a cat called Jones and a dog called Waffles. With each episode around 20 minutes long it’s a great choice for the daily commute to kindy or school. The episodes are funny enough to potentially have you guffawing from the driver’s seat too.

These podcasts are also a cool way to keep kids occupied without the need for pesky all-consuming screens too. Grab some headphones and chuck it on when you need stillness at a restaurant or in the waiting room, or at bedtime. Featuring original music, behavioural jokes, and a different pet related drama each day (think vet visits and new pet threats), this is a comedy series that animal loving kids will adore.

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