Mild-mannered seed’s super alter-ego

Mild-mannered seed’s super alter-ego

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Wait…it’s a bird? Great, they’ll surely love Super Sprout.

Cockatiel and macaw owners always appreciate the powers that nutritious food provides to their loved one. That’s why we’re sure they’ll like the super contents of this popular aviary bird feed.

Super Sprout is a product similar to the popular Soak and Sprout blend that’s been so popular for Topflite. The difference is that Soak and Sprout has a blend of sprouting seeds and kibbled peas and kibbled maize while Super Sprout’s seeds are all sure to grow.

Sprouting indicates that enough nutritional value is present for the seed to develop into a larger plant, given the right conditions. Generic varieties are often heat-treated. This stops the germination process and removes essential vitamins and minerals from the seeds.

When a seed sprouts, greater amounts of amino acids and antioxidants are available for birds to digest. So Super Sprout is undoubtedly a ‘super-food’ for large birds, the blend of easily sprouted seeds releasing stored nutrients as they begin to grow and, in the process, ensuring birds get a hearty and healthy ration of energy food.

Birds love the sprouted blend of peas, lentils, buckwheat, and mung beans. All owners have to do is soak the seeds for a day before placing them in a dark, well-ventilated area (possibly a phone booth, we’ll let you decide).

The first tails of sprouts will appear faster than a speeding bullet (almost), making the maximum nutritional value available. Serve it up and give your bird a super feed.

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