Our Timothy Hay gets smaller (but bigger)

Our Timothy Hay gets smaller (but bigger)

Eagle-eyed shoppers will be noticing some big-little changes with our Timothy Hay in the coming weeks. That’s because we’re now packing more into less.

Instead of containing 1kg of hay each bag now contains 1.5 kg, with our new packing equipment ensuring a better compression ratio so as the final package doesn’t take up as much space. 1.5kg of hay equals 12 litres when compressed. This expands to 50 litres when expanded out of the bag.

We invested in the packing tech to help meet the rising demands of pet lovers both locally and around the world.

Timothy Hay has become the go-to source of roughage and fibre for many pet owners, with rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other small animals love the sweet-smelling and nutritious grass.

We grow ours by the shores of Lake Hawea near Wanaka, the rich soil, crisp air and favourable climate providing perfect conditions for consistent quality. The fields are also rigorously monitored to ensure the best result come harvest time. Moisture testing is systemically undertaken and regular paddock inspections make certain the pasture is as weed-free as possible.

From the field it’s then carefully baled before being packed into our great new bags. This is just the start too – next up we’ll be re-working our Lucerne Hay and Bedding Straw, proving good things do come in small packages.

Timothy Hay by Topflite - for rabbits and guinea pigs
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