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Pick of the chicks: New Zealand's Favourite Chickens, Ranked

Five fictional chickens we’d cross the road for.

Based on anecdotal evidence, sales and the overall vibe of many a Kiwi backyard it’s safe to say that in New Zealand we love our chickens. We’ve got famous dogs, birds, sheep and dolphins. Maybe it’s time for our country to deliver our first chicken representative? Here’s some inspiration for you…

5.Camilla. Once only known to the Muppets as ‘Gonzo’s girlfriend’, Camilla finally stepped into the limelight in the Muppets – the 2011 film giving her the stage on which to perform a rather memorable cover of Cee Lo Green’s ‘Forget You’. At least, we think she was singing ‘forget’.

4. Poyo. From the pages of Chew, the very bizarre gastronomic-powers comic, Poyo is a world-renowned chicken fighter – a terrifying ‘doomsday advice’ used by the authorities as a slayer of armies. In a bloody and disturbing tale of cannibalism and other very odd eating habits Poyo stands out as a truly unique character.

3. Ginger. The Chicken Run star is one determined and courageous hen. And she needs to be – the impending arrival of an automated pie-making machine spells certain doom for her fellow chickens unless she can lead their successful escape. Her incredibly exciting tale is told by the legendary Nick Park and Aardman Animation. The studio used 80 animators in a mammoth production – they took a week to film each minute of screen time!

2. Foghorn Leghorn. Bombastic, arrogant and more than a little mischievous – many of us may recognise a Foghorn in our lives. The overweight bully has been entertaining audiences since 1946 with his overbearing education of Henery Hawk and his prank battles with Barnyard Dawg. If you haven’t seen him we suggest jumping on Youtube and, in the words of the great Foghorn, “I say boy, I say boy… pay attention son.”

1. Chicken Little. Arguably the most famous chicken in all culture, the character of Chicken Little was convinced Bill Gates was trying to microchip people with a Covid-19 vaccine to track everyone’s movements. Or was it that they got hit on the head with an acorn and thought the sky was falling? Regardless, this cautionary fake news tale is still worth a read to see what happens – in some versions the hysterical chicken unwittingly leads their friends into the den of a hungry fox, who quickly kills and eats them. 

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