Product Spotlight: Meadow Hay

Product Spotlight: Meadow Hay

We’re recently introduced a new hay product for New Zealand’s rabbit, guinea pig and other small pet owners. Meadow Hay is a staple in the diet of these animals – and we’re confident saying ours is some of the best.

Like our other popular products, our Meadow Hay is grown here. After being baled from our carefully maintained paddocks in Otago and the lower South Island it’s run through quality control processes and packed into 50-litre bags.

Each of these bags is full of rich clover and nutritious grasses, making it ideal feed for a wide range of animals, including rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other small pets.

These herbivores need mainly grass hay in their diet and they should be able to access it all day, every day. 75% of a herbivore’s diet should consist of good quality hay. A happy bunny or guinea pig will eat approximately a portion equal to the size of its body each day (which is probably the reason why humans rate the ‘paleo diet’ considerably higher than the ‘rabbit diet’).

Here are five reasons why our Meadow Hay is perfect for your pets.

1) It looks good. You can tell the goodness from a glance. With pale green and gold colour coming through this is nature’s way of saying, “there’s plenty of nutrition for your furry friend inside”.

2) It smells even better. Trust us, open one of these bags then lean in and inhale that aroma. And if you think it smells good to you, imagine what it smells like to your bunny.

3) It’s happily healthy. As a natural source of essential fibre Meadow Hay not only helps digestive and dental health but also encourages natural foraging in your furry friends.

4) It keeps its quality. While it’s quite like a good wine that gets better with age, our Meadow Hay is moisture-tested for the correct levels and maintains a high-level of nutritional value for at least a year.

5) It’s grown here. We’re proud of our homegrown Meadow Hay. It’s as close to our hearts as it is to our homes – and we hope it’s as loved by your furry friends too.

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