Toothsome and wholesome

Toothsome and wholesome

The good food for your furry friends.

Guinea pigs and rabbits deserve a treat too. But they require a very specific diet so steer clear of junk food!

Sweet-natured, cuddly and easy to care for, guinea pigs and rabbits make excellent pets. As they require daily attention they also make the perfect introduction to responsibilities of pet ownership for young children.

Understanding the unique dietary needs of their pet is part of this learning. While it’s good to indulge your rabbit or guinea pigs (or cavies, for the aficionado) with an occasional treat, you need to be wary of the ingredients list on products advertised as treats.

Both rabbits and guinea pigs require a diet that consists entirely of vegetable matter, largely formed by fresh hay. Widely recommended as the best source of fibre for herbivores is Timothy Hay which should be complemented by species-specific pellets and fresh leafy greens for their required daily dose of vitamin C.

Treats are an excellent way to provide some variety in their diets – and they also act as a great boredom buster. However you should avoid treats that contain honey, large amounts of molasses or other sugar derivatives (as these are not present in the natural diet of a guinea pig or rabbit). These animals are basically vegans so watch out for eggs or other animal products in the ingredients list. 

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