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Bird Butter is a soft blend of peckable protein and fat for feeding garden birds. It’s clean, simple and as smooth as, well… butter.

Just twist the pot into your Bird Butter House and watch them come into land. After it’s pecked clean, either recycle the pot and pop in a fresh one, or wash it and fill with fruit, Wild Bird Energy Truffles or Wild Bird Seed Mix to change up the menu.

Rich in essential plant-based fats, Bird Butter gives your local birds a boost of energy when it's most needed. Fragrant cherries and blueberries are blended in for an attractive colour and flavour. Peanut flour provides birds with a protein boost for longer-term sustenance and strong feather growth.

Your local birds will quickly learn which side their garden is buttered on!

  • Fuss-free, low waste bird feeding
  • Glass pots are recyclable or reusable
  • Likely to attract tauhou (waxeyes), sparrows, thrushes, blackbirds and
  • Made with real, locally-grown blueberries and cherries
  • Available in Forest Fruits or Sunflower

Clean, simple bird feeding for NZ gardens. Topflite’s Bird Butter with Forest Fruits attracts waxeyes and other small birds. Made in NZ.

Ingredients: Forest Fruits - Vegetable fat, wheat flour, peanut flour, NZ grown freeze-dried cherries, NZ grown freeze-dried blueberry skins.  Sunflower - Vegetable fat, wheat flour, peanut flour, NZ grown sunflower seed.
Allergen Information – contains peanuts.



Where can commercially compostable packaging be processed in New Zealand?

A number of facilities around New Zealand accept commercially compostable packaging, and the list is growing.

  • Christchurch City Council Organics Processing Plant – Operated by Living Earth
  • Capital Compost – Wellington Southern Landfill
  • Revital - Central North Island including Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Taranaki
  • Palmerston North City Council (Awapuni Resource Recovery Park)
  • Hampton Organics – Hampton PARRC - Waikato
  • Envirofert Limited - Auckland & Waikato

An alternative is to find someone locally who makes “hot compost”. In this method of composting, the temperature of the heap rises to 55°C, just like a commercial facility. Our packaging will break down in a well-managed hot compost heap.

Does Energy Food melt in the sun?

No, despite the vegetable fat content, our Wild Bird Energy Food recipe is designed to withstand New Zealand’s harsh sunlight while remaining soft enough for birds’ beaks. For bird-comfort though, they are best hung in a shady spot under a high branch or suspended from a Peka Peka Feeder, where they are sure to last a long summer’s day (if they don’t get eaten first).

How do I compost Topflite’s compostable packaging?

Snip the packaging into thin pieces before adding to your compost pile. This exposes more of the surface area to those hard-working microorganisms and helps it break down faster.

Which birds eat Energy Food?

The number one fan tends to be the tauhou. Those little green cuties just love pecking away at this energy rich food. Topflite Energy Food can also attract sparrows, thrushes, blackbirds and yellowhammers.


Topflite Bird Butter hangs in a Bird Butter House from a tree.

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