These bird lovin' social accounts are creating a flap!

These bird lovin' social accounts are creating a flap!

Social media has made it super easy to connect with other bird lovers around the country and beyond. If you’re looking to fill your feed with more feathers, check out these accounts:

1. @docgovt

DoC’s dispatches from the frontlines of New Zealand conservation are often delightful and always educational. We love following their rescues, releases and initiatives in real time — and Chick Pic Friday is always a hit too!

2. @paulineketel

Pauline is our inspiration for backyard bird photography. Strategically placed bird feeders in a colourful cottage garden allow her to snap birds in their element as well as document their daily activities. Pauline has a talent for capturing the shy korimako (bellbird) and we also love seeing the latest antics of the local guinea fowl.

3. @forestandbird

We couldn’t possibly leave this one off the list… Our friends at Forest & Bird have a wonderful account that celebrates NZ’s natural beauty as well as advocates for it. With such a wide network of followers and supporters, they’re able to repost some of the country’s most beautiful photographs.

4. @hannahshandart

This talented artist, photographer and bird lover creates delicate images of our native birds. Creating works with fine ink pen, her posts are a mix of personal and art related, with many gorgeous images of birds fluttered through for your viewing pleasure.

5. @snapping_wild

This wandering Kiwi duo seems to always be in the right place at the right time. Although clearly there’s more to a great wildlife shot than that. Posts from far-flung spots like Urupukapuka Island and Ohope Beach showcase rare New Zealand birds such as the kākāriki and tomtit as well as a serious dedication to the photography craft.

6. @heather_thorning

With a gorgeous colour palette of sunset backdrops, this is an account for sore eyes. Based in Western Australia, Heather takes luminous photographs and video of Australia’s plethora of wild and wonderful birds in their natural environments.

7. Aaaaand, all things Birdtok

It might surprise you to know there are parrots popping off on Tiktok. With their inquisitive nature and an abundance of funny walks, the birds of tiktok are good viewing if you need some lighthearted fun. Who can resist this guy’s rap, for example?


@yumyumthetiel Yums said, and I quote, “let me get on this beat” #cockatiel #parrot #bird #dibbydoo #pet #yumyumthetiel ♬ original sound - YumYum

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