The strongest link

The strongest link

Why a tightknit supply chain matters

By now most people are aware of the obvious reasons behind the growing ‘buying local’ trend. However, buying from regional producers doesn’t just help decrease the environmental impact, sustain local communities, and bolster the national economy. It can be about just knowing your favourite products will be on the shelves when you need them.

Internationally the ‘buy local’ movement has gone from strength to strength in recent years.

Consumers are increasingly aware of the benefits that come with supporting local producers, manufacturers and artisans from an economic and environmental standpoint. Less distance covered in shipping means less carbon released into the atmosphere. More support for Kiwi companies means more jobs locally and greater strength in communities.

Since the pandemic arrived the fragility and inefficiency of international shipping network has been exacerbated. Some stores are finding it difficult keeping the shelves stocked. Buying products from overseas is now not just a question of conscience – it’s one of convenience too.

At Topflite we are happy to share that our stock is always well managed to ensure most of our range can be quickly and easily packed up and sent out. With the bulk of our food grown on local farms we know exactly what to expect. We’re not reliant on waiting for ships to arrive in port to send out orders.

We’re also proud of our unwavering focus on growing local and working with like-minded Kiwi individuals, businesses and organisations. We’ve invested in the equipment and sourced a great local supplier for our energy food. We have worked with and supported leading ecological organisations around the country. We’ve partnered with environmental champions to produce clever, locally-made feeders.

Here in Oamaru we are surrounded by some truly exceptional growers and producers too. From Whitestone Cheese to Oamaru Organics, the Waitaki Wine District to Scotts Brewing, the quality of what’s being grown and made here is world-leading.     

With further global turmoil recently these supply chain issues will not be going away in a hurry. Given how isolated we are from the rest of the world, here in New Zealand it’s even more important. Thank goodness for strong local supply networks – and the customers who appreciate the difference buying local can make!

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