Caring for the kororā

Caring for the kororā

We make the move in Oamaru.

Here are our tips on how to protect one of New Zealand’s most beautiful sea birds.

Every year it seems we hear of yet another disastrous event that affects our local kororā population. From dog and cat predators to choking on plastic, oil spills to overfishing, the threats against this small sea birds are plentiful. Here’s how you can help protect them…

Clean the beach. Penguin habitats are under threat from a wave of plastic and other debris on their local beaches. Get down with friends and family for a clean up day every now and then

Leash your dog. Predator attacks happen all to often with unthinking dog owners letting Fido wander at will through all kinds of precious environments.

Drive slowly. Between the hours of dusk and dawn the kororā comes ashore and will often travel some distance in-land. Be careful driving during these times – they’re small and hard to spot!

Help the sick. If you see one in shallow water and you’re concerned call the SPCA, DOC or a local bird rescue. Keep your distance and observe the penguin, reporting what you see to the experts. They can then advise you on the best course of action from there.

Don’t panic. If you see a scruffy penguin that looks a little lost don’t worry – they’re probably just moulting. In a short time they’ll be back to looking very dapper once more.

Encourage voting. It’s Bird Of The Year time and it’s important we get more publicity about this plucky, beautiful little bird and it’s precious habitat. Spread the word!

Give time or money. Forest & Bird and other conservation groups are always in need of support. Dig deep to support their important work.

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