Introducing our new bird feeders

Introducing our new bird feeders

Taking care of the local birds is a great way to keep pets (without really keeping them). Forget vet bills, hair on the couch, hours of grooming, disgruntled neighbours, terrified mailmen etc. Instead simply enjoy all the antics, character and beauty from the comfort of a deck or garden chair.

Because we love our bird feeders in New Zealand, Topflite have increased the range. Wherever birds are in need of a feed, here are two new go-to garden destinations.

The Bird Bistro

The Bird Bistro is an elegant and functional hanging feeder. Clean lines and quality materials ensure it looks right at home in a manicured urban garden or a bushy backdrop.

Seed is safely contained within the mesh and a number of perches provide protected feeding spots for local birds. Remember to always hang feeders well out of predators’ reach.

 The Snack Shack

Gardens visited by lots of different bird species need more than one type of food offering. This is where the Snack Shack comes in. With a playful design and solid construction, this dual compartment feeder is a great all-rounder for New Zealand gardens.

One compartment holds seed and the other stores larger food items like Energy Truffles or fruit. Little birds like waxeyes will love hanging out on the perch underneath the Snack Shack while they feed. Meanwhile finches and other seed feeders will flock to the other side to feast on our nutritious Wild Bird Seed Mix.

Read more tips on how to get the best use out of your new feeder.

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