Meet the Hound Talent: Ted

Meet the Hound Talent: Ted

Introducing Ted (@theodoresquigglesworth)

The breakout star of our Hound campaign is no stranger to the media. With a dedicated following on Instagram this handsome lad delights his audience with travel adventures and the occasional embarrassing costume (mumagers, right?)

So Ted, you’re one of the faces of Hound. What does it mean to you?

Well, mum always said I was born to be a star but I’m pretty sure I was born to be a dog. 

The curls - are they natural?

Of course. I woke up like this.

Tell us a bit about your lifestyle. Where are your favourite spots for a gallop?

I thought my favourite place was the beach but then I went in the snow. Greatest day of my life. Every day in the snow is the greatest day of my life. But also still the beach because I can roll in weird smells.

As for Hound treats, are you a Steak Bites or Chicken Chips kind of guy?

I do tricks for Steak Bites. But I could rustle something up for a Chicken Chip or four. What've you got in your pocket?

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