Meet the Talent

Meet the Talent

Introducing Ted (@theodoresquigglesworth)

The breakout star of our Hound campaign is no stranger to the media. With a dedicated following on Instagram this handsome lad delights his audience with travel adventures and the occasional embarrassing costume (mumagers, right?)

ALB: So Ted, you’re one of the faces of Hound. What does it mean to you?

Well, mum always said I was born to be a star but I’m pretty sure I was born to be a dog.

ALB: The curls - are they natural?

Of course. I woke up like this.

ALB: Tell us a bit about your lifestyle. Where are your favourite spots for a gallop?

I thought my favourite place was the beach but then I went in the snow. Greatest day of my life. Every day in the snow is the greatest day of my life. But also still the beach because I can roll in weird smells.

ALB: As for Hound treats, are you a Steak Bites or Chicken Chips kind of guy?

I do tricks for Steak Bites. But I could rustle something up for a Chicken Chip or four. What've you got in your pocket?