Our world of nature: Wriggly worms, ducks diving and cock-a-hoop celebrities?

Our world of nature: Wriggly worms, ducks diving and cock-a-hoop celebrities?

2021 has started off with some incredible stories, from attempted coups to crashed yachts to Kim and Kanye breaking up. Here are the big stories from the Topflite news desk in all their sensational glory.

5 things you never knew about micro forests.

A recent RNZ interview explores the thought behind and action around the micro forests, the international trend of intensive native planting in small areas inspired by Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki. Here in New Zealand the Nelson Whakatu Microforest Initiative is following the Miyawaki’s lead of “taking a very small patch of land, down to about 30 square meters, analysing the soil, enhancing the soil and then picking about 30 or 40 native species, native to that particular geographical area, to plant in that small area.” It’s a fascinating article, particularly if you have the space for a micro forest of your own.

Worms: just how dangerous are they?

News of the lockdown hobby of Kiwi NBA star Steven Adams has certainly been controversial. While other pro basketballers have been content with the more pedestrian gym workouts and video games, Mr Adams has apparently bought a worm farm and is now closely keeping an eye on all new developments.

Celebrity feud erupts over rooster. Shocking!

In August last year we brought you news of Sam Neill and the death of his duck, Charlie Pickering. Now there’s been a plot twist, the celebrated Jurassic Park actor acknowledging that not all are happy with his habit of naming pets after famous celebrities. Michael Fassbender was apparently not amused that a rooster has been named after him. “Not everyone is happy to be named after a…” said Neill. There have been no reports yet as to Helena Bonham Carter’s stance on the cow’s name.

 A duck goes to the beach. You’ll never believe what happens next.

Ok, so if you guessed ‘it goes surfing’ then you probably will believe what happens next. Forget penguins and dogs, for the real deal in the surfing world it’s hard to beat the pet duck of Kate Miller. Imaginatively named Duck, the bird follows Kate to the water each day and joins in with bodysurfing. Truthfully we’re not at all surprised at the duck’s skill. One of the hardest parts of surfing is just getting ‘out the back’ to where the waves are breaking, a feat that requires plenty of ‘duckdiving’ skill.

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