Product release: Timothy hay

Product release: Timothy hay

Sweet, fragrant… and now New Zealand-grown.

Our first bags of timothy hay are now in stores – and it’s selling fast! The hay has proven exceptionally popular with rabbits and their humans all over New Zealand. It’s also provided us with a good opportunity to delve deeper into the feeding habits of our furry friends.

Rabbits require two types of hay and both varieties should be kept fresh and clean. Hay intended for bedding and burrowing gets soiled and must be freshened daily. While rabbits may chew on this hay recreationally, they also need access to nutritious hay to feed on.

Experts recommend that this feeding hay should form 80% of a rabbit’s diet, and fresh hay certainly stimulates appetite. Access to good amounts of hay satisfies a rabbit’s natural tendency to forage and graze and, as it wears down their constantly growing teeth, the repetitive chewing movement is also important for dental health. In terms of intestinal health, grass hays like timothy hay are best as they are low in calcium and protein.

Timothy hay is a firm favourite with pet rabbits because of its sweet taste and herbaceous fragrance. They simply go crazy for it. And humans can be assured it’s the best choice for their rabbits because of its high fibre content and low calcium presence (rabbits do not absorb excess calcium well).

Grown here in New Zealand, our timothy hay contains the quality nutrients that our products are known for.

You also need to ensure that fresh, clean water is in constant supply for rabbits and, in addition to hay, rabbits should be fed vegetables, high quality pellets and the occasional healthy treat. Our Bonanza Bars and Apple & Carrot Munchies are the perfect choice for such treats!

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