Product Spotlight: Pine Shavings

Product Spotlight: Pine Shavings

Proving good things come in small packages, our new 30 Litre bags of Pine Shavings have been developed to pack a lot of quality pet bedding into a small, convenient bag.

Our pine shavings have been carefully sourced to meet exacting standards. 100% New Zealand-grown Radiata pine, these shavings are diligently prepared and processed to consistently ensure the highest quality product. Kiln dried and double screened to eliminate dust, you’ll find these shavings tick (and cover) all the right boxes.

Pine shavings are an excellent option for Chickens, Birds, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchilla, Rats and Mice. There are no artificial colours or additives and they absorb and control odours naturally while keeping pets dry and comfortable. Shavings are also a great option for pet owners who want to reduce, re-use and recycle. Used bedding only needs air and water to begin breaking down. That makes our pine shavings perfect for re-use as a rich compost mixture for the garden.

Healthy. These shavings are carefully screened to eliminate nearly 100% of the dust associated with this product. This means that we can ensure the least amount of irritation and harm to the sensitive respiratory systems of our smaller animal friends. The natural anti-bacterial properties of pine also help defend against many nasty bugs that would otherwise prove damaging to pet health.

Pleasant. Who doesn’t like the smell of pine? The odour-absorbing oils within this wood provides a nice underlying scent to the room and, with its ammonia-reducing properties, helps to cover up any unwanted smells.

Effective. Straw simply can’t absorb moisture effectively like high quality kiln-dried wood shavings. It’s also very comfortable for pets, the bottom layer of shavings compacting to form a cushioning base while the top layer absorbs and draws away the moisture.