Topflite Bird Butter hangs in a Bird Butter House from a tree.

Introducing Bird Butter: The smoothest way to feed garden birds

A soft, highly peckable blend of protein and fat, Topflite Bird Butter is a smooth new energy food for garden birds.

To keep your neighbourhood birds fluffed and flapping, we’ve created Bird Butter, a softer blend of our Wild Bird Energy recipe. The base is a mix of plant-based fats blended with peanut flour, which we then build into two delicious flavours:

  • Forest Fruits is blended with real cherries and blueberries to create an attractive colour and irresistible flavour.
  • Sunflower Bird Butter makes use of protein-rich seeds from the most photogenic crop in North Otago, the Topflite sunflowers.

Fuss-free, low-waste bird feeding at its best

We're also pretty whipped up about the new Bird Butter House, a bird feeder specially designed for cleanliness and simplicity. Just twist a pot of Bird Butter into place and hang up high where birds can safely get a beak-full. Alternatively, secure the jar to an existing feeding platform.

Once the birds have pecked it dry (and they will!) recycle the glass pot and add a replacement or wash it and refill with a change of feed: fruit, Energy Pellets or Wild Bird Seed are a good follow up to keep things interesting for your birds. 

Busy birds need plenty of high energy food, especially when the weather cools and the neighbourhood greenery isn’t providing much sustenance. Formulated for lasting energy and strong feather growth, Bird Butter will bring them in to land and get them flying high again. ​
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