Revised formulas: Scratch & Lay, Cockatiel Mix

Revised formulas: Scratch & Lay, Cockatiel Mix

New, improved recipes.

Scratch & Lay

More protein power for great laying

We want our products to be the best out there. As you’ll know from our story, the Topflite families realised pretty early on that we’d have to grow seeds and grains ourselves to ensure our feed contained the highest quality nutrients.

But a recipe can always be improved on. Our top-selling Poultry Scratch & Lay came up for review recently and, as a result of your feedback, we’ve made some changes.

Chickens require a diet comprised of 16% protein. We wanted to make our product one that could be fed everyday, so owners could be confident their chooks were getting the nutrition they need to stay healthy and, of course, lay lots of eggs.

So… what exactly have we changed? We switched the poultry pellets for a higher protein alternative and increased the percentage of these pellets in the feed mix. The pellets are complemented by the same barley, canary seeds,wheat, oats, kibbled maize, kibbled green peas, sunflower seeds and grit as before.

Cockatiel Mix

Removal of barley

Before making changes to any product we consult with species-specific experts. These are our breeders, vets and show competitors. Needless to say, we also conduct lots of taste testing with Topflite’s resident chickens and cockatiel. The feedback (excuse the pun) from the focus group on our new formulas was enthusiastic to say the least.

After advice from cockatiel experts, we have replaced barley with wheat as barley is not a natural component of a cockatiel’s diet. Wheat is also much easier to sprout and it is very common for our cockatiel mix to be sprouted before feeding.

By regularly reviewing formulations we can ensure our feed is performing at the level you expect from Topflite. So please let us know how your chooks and birds are enjoying the improved blends.

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