Fresh Picks

Two juicy new flavours of
Wild Bird Energy Food

Introducing our seasonal Wild Bird Energy Food range, packed with the vitamin-rich goodness of real NZ fruit. These two lush flavours are the result of a fruitful collaboration with our local orchardists and we're only making a limited run. Don't get pipped at the post – they won't hang around for long!

Now blending: Blueberry Flavour

Freeze-dried blueberry skins blended with our energy recipe make a power-packed food source for garden birds. 

The heavenly scent and handsome colour come from locally grown blueberries. After juicing and processing, the skins are leftover as a byproduct – and we knew exactly how to make the goodness go further to nourish wild birds.

Three cheers for Cherry!

Roll out the red carpet for garden birds this winter with colourful, fragrant Energy Food, made with real Otago cherries.

The cherries are freeze-dried and blended with our moresome wild bird energy recipe, creating a highly attractive colour to birds searching for food and providing them with a vitamin-packed energy boost.

Why feed fat-based food to wild birds?

Because natural food sources for birds are scarce in late autumn, winter and early spring, birds can often do with a bit of extra nourishment from our gardens.

Serving up a feed that’s high in essential fats and protein helps to supplement a bird’s natural diet of insects, berries and nectar – all of which are in short supply during colder months. Our recipe is based around high quality vegetable fat and hand-crafted by the Topflite team in Oamaru, New Zealand.

Why are birds attracted to bright colours?

Quite simply because many food sources like flowers and fruit are brightly coloured – often red, pink, yellow or orange – so birds are primed to seek them out.

As natural food sources dry up in autumn, birds start to descend from the forest and bush, appearing more frequently in the garden. It’s a good time to welcome them with eye-catching colour and the promise of a regular food source for winter.

Which birds benefit from Energy Food?

The cheeky tauhou (aka waxeye or silvereye) goes fruit-loopy for Energy Food! In cooler weather they return to urban areas from the bush or forest, so you’ll see them around bird feeders a lot more. You can also expect sparrows, yellowhammer, blackbirds and thrushes to join in for a feed.

Feeding garden birds a little extra nourishment can help them stay warm and keep energy levels high. It also increases the chances of a successful breeding season in spring.