Say cheese!

Say cheese!

Our five favourite famous rodents.

We are aware this list is probably missing at least one or two excellent mice or rats. Feel free to let us know who we’ve missed!

 1. Remy

If you haven’t seen Ratatouille already we strongly suggest you rectify this situation at soon as possible. Remy stars as a common French farm rat with uncommon culinary ambition, intent on proving “not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.”

2. The Mouse from Mousehunt

In Mousehunt two hapless brothers try to evict one mouse from a derelict mansion they’re intent on renovating. At times dark and dramatic, often laugh-out-loud funny, this film is full of weird and wonderful characters. And the best, of course, is the ingenious mouse in the middle of it all.

3. Rizzo the Rat

Used as a background character for years in The Muppets, Rizzo has made his way to the top with a little fast-talking scheming and streetwise hustling. In recent movies (the underrated Muppets From Space) this rat has played a major part.

4. Templeton

Yes, he’s more than a little self-serving but his heart is in the right place. And Charlotte’s Web wouldn’t have been possible without this crafty wordsmith rat.

5. Mickey

As the most famous animated animal in the entire world he was bound to make this list. From humble beginnings sailing steamboats, he can now put world domination on his CV. Mickey has stayed true. He’s tolerant of the emotional Donald, has a cool sweetheart and great fashion sense. What’s not to like?

Honourable mentions

  1. Mr Jingles from The Green Mile will always tug at the heartstrings.
  2. Mighty Mouse. Here he comes to save the day!


Dishonourable mentions

  1. Stuart Little didn’t make the list because, let’s face it, he’s a bit of a jerk. Plus the movie simply is weird: a mouse can talk but a cat can’t?
  2. Jerry. Sure Tom tries to capture Jerry all the time. But the bloodthirsty retaliation from the Hanna-Barbera mouse is often all too much. Why can’t they just get along?
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