Topflite's Nectar Feeder - for New Zealand's native birds

Topflite's Nectar Feeder - for New Zealand's native birds

Developed specifically for nectar-sipping native birds, the Topflite Nectar Feeder is designed for safe and hygienic feeding  After all, does anything sound more like home than the melodious warble of a tūī, or the echo of a korimako/bellbird in the garden?

We knew that New Zealanders were looking for a robust, easy-clean option for feeding native birds in the garden. Our previous design revealed some room for improvement so we've come back with a few key changes.

A Topflite Nectar Feeder, designed specifically for native NZ birds by Topflite, sits next to a bag of Nectar powder

The base's red colour mimics the type of native flora attractive to NZ birds, like flax flowers, rāta and pohutukawa blooms, and a clear glass bottle puts enticing golden nectar on display for passing birds.

The wide base makes a secure platform for hosting heavy tūī and allows the silvereye, who love to dine en masse, to space themselves out. A thin base ring is designed to allow birds an easy and hygienic grip as they feed.

It’s safe for both the birds, and the bees

The thin perching ring is set at a distance from the drip holes to minimise the contact between feathers and food. The design prevents droppings from accumulating on the feeder, because, let’s be honest – birds are messy diners! A clean feeding zone is essential for stopping the spread of the disease between birds so we prioritised hygiene in this design. 

We also considered the bees, who, curious about a sugar water stash, tend to buzz in and investigate. Open-style feeders can present a drowning hazard for bees so we gave the base a removable cap with small feeding holes. This prevents bees from falling into the sugary liquid but is large enough for the curved beak and brush-tipped tongue of the tūī and bellbird.

It’s functional

Disassembling the feeder is as easy as unscrewing the base. That makes it simple to clean and refill. The Topflite Nectar Feeder stands happily upside down on its flat top while you fill the glass bottle. A sturdy wire secures the feeder whenever you choose to hang it, be it a free-standing option like The Hangout or the Feeder Fix, or from a high branch using an S-hook.

It's dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning

With the immense enjoyment of feeding garden birds comes the responsibility to maintain clean, hygienic feeding conditions for them. It's essential that your Nectar Feeder is cleaned throughly each time it's refilled. That's because when dirt or mould accumulates, it can spread illness among bird populations. 

Fortunately, we've made it easy as to stay on top of the hygiene with a glass bottle and sturdy plastic base that can be put through the dishwasher. There's no need to worry about damaging the components; your sterilised Nectar Feeder will come out ready for refilling.

And for loosening residue inside the bottle, we've got a handy Nectar Feeder Cleaning Brush shaped perfectly to sweep those hard-to-reach curves of the bottle.

The design minimises waste

Across all Topflite products, we’re working hard to use recyclable or biodegradable materials wherever possible. So the glass bottle was an absolute must for us. It will have a long life but when it does come to an end, it can be recycled with other glass. Made from polypropylene plastic (#5), the red base is durable enough to serve a long line of feathered diners, and when it comes to the end of its life, can be recycled. 

It’s easy to fix

“Buy once and buy well” they say, and this is exactly what we wanted for our Nectar Feeder. It should be a fixture in New Zealand gardens for years to come thanks to its repairability. If some accident should befall the glass bottle, replacements are available to purchase online, as are replacement base parts. No built-in obsolescence here! 

We reckon the Nectar Feeder gets the tick for both sustainability credentials and purposeful design. Is it time to add one to your garden?

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