What's that bird?

What's that bird?

Study up before you hike out…

Don’t recognise the difference in song between a robin and a rock wren? Can’t tell a kea call from a kōkako? We’ve got just the website for you…

With the calm, mild days of autumn arriving in New Zealand now is the perfect time to be heading out into our native bush or along our spectacular coastlines.

Spotting our unique native species is always a thrill – albeit one that generally requires a little patience. When you can’t always see every bird close by it can be easier to identify a particular species through their song. This too is often difficult as, amidst the noise of the forest (the wind, excited children chatter etc), distinguishing one call from another is challenging.  

So, before your next hike, we suggest visiting this page on the Department of Conservation website first. Here you’ll find a comprehensive array of New Zealand birdsong. Check the rare birds for your area so you don’t miss the opportunity should it fly by.

You can still also listen out for all the incredible bird song around the world online. Check out what we wrote about here in our World of Nature piece. When you can’t book a nature escape overseas it’s the next best thing!

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