Jiminy Cricket!

Jiminy Cricket!

There’s meal worms and grasshoppers too!

For some real protein power for healthy winter weight gains your feathered (and scaled) friends will love our Insect Medley pack.

Individually each of our feed products can provide many nutritional benefits to an animal. But one product alone cannot deliver everything a growing bird, fish or reptile needs. Diversity of diet is always important when it comes to keeping your pets and garden visitors healthy.

It’s one of the main reasons behind our new convenient combination of dried crickets, mealworms and grasshoppers. As a diet supplement each of these three ingredients provides a burst of protein to hungry animals. It’s why chickens, wild birds, reptiles and tropical fish love these 100% natural treats, appreciating both the taste and the nutritional strength the dried insects deliver.

Some chicken owners and wild bird fans may not realise just how many insects birds actually eat out in the wild.

A recent study published in The Science of Nature journal estimates that annually “the total biomass of wild bird-consumed insects amounts to some 400 million tonnes.” This figure is approximately the same as the weight of all meat and fish consumed by humans annually.

Crickets (and the other insects in our insect medley packs) are renowned for their protein-packing power. It’s why (human) body builders often prefer eating bars made of cricket flour over consuming traditional beef – the s flour is 65% – 70% protein compared to the 17% – 40% protein of beef.

That’s a lot of protein and a lot of energy. Which makes our Insect Medley ideal for boosting your pet’s diet as the colder months kick in.