Wanted in winter

Wanted in winter

Provide an extra boost for wild birds when food is scarce.

We all know that with low temperatures come cravings for hearty, energy-rich food like soup, stews and pasta. But spare a thought for our wild birds while you’re seasoning that soup stock. Natural food for birds is scarce at this time of year. That’s why we put out energy-rich food to help them through.

Winter is tough for birds. Low temperatures and frost or snow on the ground makes access to natural food supplies like insects difficult. What’s more, birds need more food during winter to maintain the energy levels necessary for survival.

By providing a regular supply of essential fats you can really help them out. Our wild bird products are formulated to provide high quality nutrition and a boost of energy. Here are the ones our local visitors love:

Wild Bird Energy Truffles

Made from the highest quality vegetable fat, these truffles provide an immediate source of energy. They’re super easy to feed with the help of our purpose-designed Truffle Feeder.

Wild Bird Energy Truffles with Mealworms

Wild Bird Energy Logs

Birds love the nourishing blend of fat and peanut flour — and they’re also available in berry flavour. Pop them in our bamboo Soargasbord feeder and they will bring a steady stream of thankful visitors, particularly waxeyes, silvereyes and sparrows.

Peanut flavoured Wild Bird Energy Logs

Wild Bird Energy Coconut Feeder

This attractive and easy to hang coconut shell is filled with a nutritious peanut flavoured energy food which your garden birds will devour. The coconut can be refilled with more energy product, seed, or even used as a nesting spot!

Nectar Nourisher

Many of our native birds feed on nectar will be so pleased by the sight of this! The red colour attracts tūi in particular, as the plants they naturally feed on have red flowers. Our honey and glucose nectar will ensure they are well-conditioned to cope with the cold.

For more advice about feeding wild birds, see How to feed your garden birds if you want to attract and support native species.


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