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Classic Layer Pellets

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Nutritionally balanced feed formulated to meet the needs of a laying hen throughout its laying cycle

FEEDING GUIDE: Can be fed as a complete diet or supplemented with household scraps or vegetables. Where the percentage of other feed sources is over 50%, extra calcium should be supplemented in the form of Oyster shell grit or a similar product to ensure good egg shell quality is maintained. If fed as 100% of the diet then feed approximately 125g per hen per day during spring/summer and 130g per bird per day over the cooler months. It is important to have fresh, clean drinking water available at all times, place water away from the feed to minimise spillage and dampness.

INGREDIENTS: Selected From: Grains, grain by-products, plant proteins, animal proteins, animal fats, vegetable oils, minerals, amino acids, yolk colour and a specialised vitamin/trace mineral premix.

TYPICAL ANALYSIS: Crude Protein 16.5%, Fat (max.) 7%, Fibre (max.) 5%, Salt (max.) 0.4%, Calcium 4%, AME (apparent metabolizable energy) 2780 kcal/kg.

Available in: 20kg

NOTICE: Not to be fed to sheep, cattle, deer, goats, buffaloes or other ruminant animals. This product contains or may contain ruminant protein