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Wild Bird Backyard Banquet (Gift set)


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It’s time to prepare a feast that’s truly fit for your high-flying friends! With an energy coconut, a seed ball, seed feeder and 2kg of wild bird seed, the Backyard Banquet provides three great dining destinations.

This wild bird feeding set-up is the perfect gift for New Zealand families or as a starter set for attracting wild birds to your garden. The Snacker Feeder is easy to re-stock and the Coconut Feeder can also be used time and time again, providing years of scrumptious feasts to your bird buddies.

1: Little napkins and fancy bird cutlery not included

2: Provides a great mix of nutrition and energy food

3: Will attract many species of birds including finches, wayeyes, sparrows and yellowhammer

4: Comes with a handy Wild Bird Feeding and Identification Guide

1 x Wild Bird Energy Coconut Feeder
1 x Wild Bird seed bell
1 x Wild Bird Seed Snacker Feeder
1 x Wild Bird seed 2kg
1 x Wild Bird Feeding and Identification Guide

Instructions for use: Place feeders and food well off the ground to keep birds safe from predators. It may take some time for the birds to recognise the new food items so be patient. Replenish food regularly and keep feeders clean.