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Wild Bird Energy Cake Gift Box


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This wild bird energy cake gift box is the perfect gift for keen bird lovers and beginner birders alike. The cake feeder is easy to use and comes pre-filled with a New Zealand made berry flavoured energy cake. This gift pack also includes an extra seven energy cakes of mixed flavours including more berry flavour plus peanut and dried mealworm. Also included is a handmade wild bird seed bell.

Our energy food is made in Oamaru, New Zealand and will attract the native silvereyes (Tauhou). The cakes will also attract Finches, Sparrows, Starlings, Blackbirds and more.

1 x Wild Bird Energy Cake Feeding Set
1 x Wild Bird seed bell
2 x Berry Energy Cakes
3 x Peanut Energy Cakes
2 x Mealworm Energy Cakes
1 x Wild Bird Feeding and Identification Guide
1 x Gift card
1 handy re-useable wooden box

Individual cakes are now in compostable film

Instructions for use: Place feeders and food well off the ground to keep birds safe from predators. It may take some time for the birds to recognise the new food items so be patient. Replenish food regularly and keep feeders clean. Always have fresh water available for your feathered friends.