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Our Wild Bird energy truffles will be seen as big balls of joy for your feathered visitors. Packed with protein, they provide the power needed to fly on through the colder months and breeding season.

Our high energy truffles offer wild birds an immediate source of energy essential for survival. They s contain only the highest quality vegetable fat which, along with other food like seed, is an important part of a balanced bird diet. Available in peanut or berry flavours, they’re perfect in a Wild Bird Feeder, in birdhouses or even on the end of a stick.

  • Berry or Peanut flavour
  • Made with sustainably sourced soya oil, wheat flour and love, glorious love
  • Serve them up in a great Topflite Wild Bird Truffle Feeder
  • Ideal for attracting silvereye, yellowhammer, sparrow, blackbird and thrush

Ingredients: Vegetable fat, Wheat flour, Berry flavouring or Peanut flour.

Analysis: Protein 7.1%, Fibre 2.3%, Fat 28.4%, ash 0.7% 

30 x Berry Truffles in Bucket

30 x Peanut Truffles in Bucket


Can I recycle the plastic tub & lid that the Energy Truffles are packed in?

Most councils will collect the tub in curbside recycling because it is number ‘5’ plastic (polypropylene polymer or PP), one of the easiest plastics to recycle into a new form. Check with your local council. Dunedinites can also drop the buckets off at the green “Recycle It” bin, located at New World Centre City. This pilot scheme aims to return quality plastics straight to the manufacturer. 

Does Energy Food melt in the sun?

No, despite the vegetable fat content, our Wild Bird Energy Food recipe is designed to withstand New Zealand’s harsh sunlight while remaining soft enough for birds’ beaks. For bird-comfort though, they are best hung in a shady spot under a high branch or suspended from a Peka Peka Feeder, where they are sure to last a long summer’s day (if they don’t get eaten first).



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