Spotlight on soft foods

Spotlight on soft foods

For peak breeding condition and robust chicks.

As seen in our Pecking Order review, while a complex task, hand-rearing chicks is one of the greatest joys of keeping birds. And feeding soft food is the best way to ensure they grow up healthy and strong.

Topflite produces two soft food mixes that are formulated as a hand-rearing mix for young chicks and also to bring adult birds to peak breeding condition. Our soft foods do not contain soy products.

Our premium Egg & Biscuit (Dutch) Soft Food is created in the European style. It’s a nutritionally balanced blend of cereals, seeds, yeast, egg powder, milk powder and vitamin supplements.

The Kiwi Soft Food is similarly high in protein and is a formulated for the cost-conscious bird keeper. The blend of breadcrumbs, supa protein, oilseed, rape, glucose and blue maw is perfect for hand rearing and conventional soft feeding.

Looking to maximise your mix? Don Birch of the Hawke’s Bay Bird Club kindly shared his formula for increasing the longevity of his feed. Being high in vitamins and omega fatty acids his mix will boost the immune system, skin and feather health of birds.

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