Product spotlight: Parrot Picks

Product spotlight: Parrot Picks

Parrot Picks are the latest in our locally grown hand-crafted aviary bird range. They’re delicious, nutritious and the best treat for your parrots. Accept no imitations!

After a considerable period of research working alongside leading animal nutritionist Dr Lucy Waldron we were excited to finally debut our new Parrot Picks range last year. The ingredients read like a smorgasbord menu at the local vegetarian café.

Our Tropical Treats contain NZ Manuka honey, NZ kiwifruit, papaya, banana, apple, apricot, almond, NZ sunflower seed and parsley. Our Vital Vege treats contain NZ Manuka honey, chilli, peas, almond, carrot, pumpkin seed, garlic, popcorn, parsley, NZ canary seed, white French millet, barley, hulled oats, safflower, linseed, and oilseed rape.

Along with a little gelatin to act as a binding agent that’s the total contents for each treat. There are no filler ingredients and no harmful additives so these treats can be given with confidence, albeit with a limit of one or two a day.  

We’ve tried to cover a lot of different diet styles with these treats. That’s because there is a huge diversity in parrot species and therefore an equally large range of dietary requirements. Dietary requirements are placed into five main categories.

Granivores eat grains and seeds. Frugivores like mostly fruit and flowers, with some seeds and nuts. Omnivores will eat seeds and fruits – and insects and invertebrates. Florivores eat seeds, fruits, berries, bark, nuts and roots. And Nectarivores have a diet of pollen, nectar and some insects and seeds.

Parrot Picks need to be fed with varying degrees of regularity according to the type of category the bird fits into. There’s certainly no ‘one size fits all’ food here. If you’re unsure, ask your local vet.

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