Cake, cake, caaaake….

Cake, cake, caaaake….

Delicious treats? Rabbits and guinea pigs rejoice!

Yes, they look good enough to eat for yourself. But these Timothy Cakes are made specifically for your furry friends – each perfect as a healthy treat or an alternative hay supplement.

Being an excellent source of roughage and a great fibre source, Timothy Hay is loved by pet owners around the world. They know their rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other small animals love the sweet-smelling and nutritious grass.

We have sold Timothy Hay in larger packages for some time, and our locally grown product has proven popular throughout the country. We knew there was a need for all-natural, New Zealand-grown Timothy Hay treats too – the fibre-rich snacks ideal for the caring pet owner.

Now, after several months in development ensuring recipes and packaging were perfect, we’re excited to now debut our two new Timothy Cakes – the Garden Goodness and Floral Feast.

Each cake provides a nutritious fusion of flavour and goodness, with plenty of natural tasty toppings that will get your pet hopping with happiness.

The Floral Feast has mint, parsley, calendula flowers, rose petals combined with the hay. The Garden Goodness has the hay plus yummy mint, parsley, dried apple and dried carrots.

There is a huge amount of flavour and, with it, a lot of nutritional benefits. The compact portions also conveniently reduce unnecessary mess and dust – the animal eats all of the hay rather than soiling it and, in doing, helps to keep their ever-growing teeth properly worn down.

What do you think of our new Timothy Cakes? Let us know how your pets get on with them – we’re always keen for to hear feedback. If you’ve bought some and want to share how they went either email us or share your photos on our Facebook page. If you want to buy some find your nearest stockist here…

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