Eight gifts you don’t need to leave the house for

Eight gifts you don’t need to leave the house for

Unless you like driving around in circles looking for parking and playing cart dodge-ems in the crowds, shopping centres should probably be avoided at this time of year. Stay home and save yourself the sweat and tears (and the planet from the waste and exhaust fumes) by opting for these ideas instead.

One: Donate in their name

To help bolster the habitats of our local birdlife, donate to Trees that Count and receive a personalised gift card for your recipient letting them know where their native trees will be planted. Gift a donation to Sustainable Coastlines and your money will go towards removing plastic from the oceans, which is great for everyone (including birdlife). A very eco friendly e-card will let your recipient know how much litter has been removed on their behalf. For the bird lover in your life, a donation to their local bird sanctuary, such as Orokonui in Dunedin, may help bring more birds to their yard, making this a gift that keeps on giving.

Two: Get baking

Fresh baking can be incredibly useful after Christmas, when everyone is too worn out to cook. Make their favourite cookies or bliss balls and wrap them up in a repurposed box, or get your copper bottomed pot simmering away with homemade fudge. A classic Christmas cake is a favourite among the older generations, while special treats like brandy snaps made from scratch (with a bottle of cream on the side) might go down well with younger folk. As a rule, if it’s made with love, it’s bound to be appreciated.

Three: Give greenery

Have a house full of healthy houseplants? Give the gift of greenery! Take a few small pots or even jars or old mugs and prepare some potting mix. Then snip some cuttings from reliable plants or carefully remove baby plants from your established parents. Plant them up and decorate the vessel as you wish. This might include painting the pot before you plant your cutting, or tying it with ribbon afterwards. You can even supply a little note letting the recipient know the name of the plant and how to look after it, to ensure your gift lives on well past Christmas

Four: Provide pics

Photos make excellent gifts, especially when paired with a beautiful frame. Who doesn’t want to see your toddler splashing in the sea or your furbaby and his favourite fluffy toy immortalised behind glass? If you don’t have a photo printer, many companies can have your prints to you within a week. Print onto canvas if you don’t have a frame handy - or you could make your own frame by following these easy instructions.

Five: Vouch for it

Got special skills? Courageous enough to clear gutterings or willing to do weeding? Love babysitting or dog walking, or happy to lend a hand with the lawns? Draw up a voucher volunteering your time with whatever you know your recipient is most in need of. For some older members of the family, this could be a very useful gift that helps them year-round, while also giving you apt reason to visit often. 

Six: Bestow some beauty

There are plenty of recipes online for delicious smelling goodies for the skin, such as this homemade salt scrub that can be ready in just ten minutes and uses basic kitchen ingredients. Packaged in a glass jar and decorated with your own label, this is a truly eco-friendly gift that will also lend a little luxury to your recipient’s life.

“Christmas isn't a season. It's a feeling.” Edna Ferber.

Seven: DIY it

For something festive, this Christmas wreath is impressive to receive – and also easy to make using natural bits and pieces from the garden or public park. For people who love interacting with nature, there are plenty of options. Make a bug hotel to encourage biodiversity in a nature lover’s backyard and create a steady supply of food for native birds. Or try this DIY bird bath using recycled materials from around the house. The recipient will love it and so will their local birds, who need a constant and reliable supply of fresh water for drinking and bathing at this time of year

Eight: Leave it to them

With a gift card, your loved one can take their time to browse our online store, select something they love and have it delivered straight to the door. If they love watching wild birds, think chooks are choice or enjoy hanging out with their hounds, we’ve got just the thing. 


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