Kākāpō soars…

Kākāpō soars…

Supporting feed in need.

Since introducing the Soar Initiative in 2020 we have provided support both for the Orokonui Ecosanctuary on the north coast of Dunedin and for Forest & Bird’s efforts around New Zealand. Now we’re proud to share the news of our most recent Soar recipient – the Kākāpō Recovery Programme.

Run by the Department of Conservation and supported by scientists, rangers, volunteers and donors, the Kākāpō Recovery Programme began in 1995, when there were only 51 of these beautiful birds still alive. Nocturnal and flightless, the beautiful native parrots were at the mercy of New Zealand’s cats, rats, stoats and other introduced predators.

Kākāpō now live on four small predator-free islands and there are just over 200 birds alive today. The work is challenging and painstaking in protecting these birds. It’s also absolutely vital if we want to increase this number.

Kākāpō recovery work includes radio tracking, regular health checks, putting out supplementary food, and ongoing research and technology development. During breeding seasons scientists and volunteers monitor and manage nests and sometimes even hand rear chicks.

We’re proud to support this work. Funds from Soar have helped with the purchase and transportation of a new freezer to Whenua Hou, where it will be used for storage of kākāpō pellets. With this additional freezer capacity the programme will be able to store greater amounts of pellets on the island throughout the breeding season.

As a percentage of our online sales go towards the Soar Initiative (along with an additional boost from Topflite) we want to thank you for allowing us to support causes we really love too!

You can click here to find out more about the programme or go to our Soar Initiative page to see the other great endeavours we are supporting.

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