Meet the Talent: Molly

Meet the Talent: Molly

Introducing Molly

When we were recruiting a ‘ground-breaker’ for the Hound launch campaign, it was hard to go past Molly’s natural vibrancy and limitless energy. Somewhat of a diva, she’d never pass up a trip to the groomer. However this good gal is equally at home on the farm during lambing season... 



I hear you’re fairly friendly with a camera? How did you find the Hound shoot?
I initially had some reservations. I’m almost 8 and I wasn’t sure I was in the best shape for the camera. However, once I read the brief and found out all I had to do was run really fast into Mum’s arms, my fears subsided and what can I say – I’ve still got it!

Tell us about your ideal walk. Are you a beach or bush kinda gal?
I would have to choose the beach. As much as I love a bush walk, my tail tends to attract all sorts of forest matter. It’s not uncommon for Mum to have to come and detach me from the odd bush. Plus, sand really is the dream surface for zoomies.

How would you describe your personal style?

I’m a chameleon when it comes to personal style. Most days I’ll opt for a shaggy, more ‘natural’ look but I’m also a sucker for a good blow wave, a manicure and a pop of colour in my collar. My style icon is Lady, from Lady and the Tramp.

Molly is a tidily groomed dog posing in hope of a raw meat dog treat. Molly, a grey and white scruffy dog poses in hope of a raw meat dog treat.

Despite the manicured appearance, we hear you’re a dab hand on the farm too. Tell us all about it.
I’m more down to earth than people realise. Lambing time is my favourite time of year. I ride shotgun in the farm truck, help with pest control by chasing bunnies off the property and get to nurture my maternal side, helping with mis-mothered lambs. It’s honest work and I love it.


Molly, a small fluffy dog sits in the cab of a farm, wearing a Swandri coat.

What’s the best way to your heart? Liver Lot or Steak Bites?

I’m a liver lover baby!

Raw meat liver dog treats by Topflite Hound


Molly is just one of the many talented hounds here at Hound. If you haven't done so already, meet Ted.  


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