Two tauhou (waxeyes) feed on a Bug & Berry Energy Cake

Seasonal release: Bug & Berry Energy Food for wild birds

Help birds beat the ‘brrrrrr’ this winter! Combining the sweetness of berries with a buggy protein boost, this limited edition flavour will help fluff those winter feathers.

As trees shed their leaves, and flowers and fruit fall away, our garden birds require a helping hand to get through the cooler months. Keeping warm and travelling further for a feed means expending energy. That makes our fat-rich cakes, truffles and coconuts a coveted backyard offering.

To mix things up a bit this winter, we’ve combined our natural berry recipe with a collection of delectable dried mealworms, grasshoppers and crickets. These crunchy invertebrates are hard to find in winter but give much needed protein for strong feathers and nutrient-rich sustenance. When blended with our high quality vegetable fat base and the natural sweetness of the berries, they make for a filling food that helps birds last the distance.

Place a few Bug & Berry Cakes or Truffles in your feeder and you’re likely to soon enjoy visits from tauhou, sparrows, thrushes, blackbirds and yellowhammers. A wide-based feeder is best to avoid these treats dropping down to the ground, where birds are in danger from predators, or try one of our purpose-designed Wild Bird Cake feeders or Truffle Feeders. Alternatively, a Bug & Berry Coconut makes for a great all-in-one option.

All three of these high energy treats come wrapped in a plant-based, home compostable film, making them as good for waste reduction as they are for the plumage.

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