Tree-free bird feeders for New Zealand gardens

Tree-free bird feeders for New Zealand gardens

Built for every backyard

We love seeing a kererū in a tawa or tūī in a kōwhai gobbling fruit and nectar. Even better if we can supplement the birds’ natural food sources by hanging a feeder to get them through times of food scarcity. But what if trees aren’t an option at your place?

You may be one of New Zealand’s increasing number of apartment dwellers, or working to establish a garden on a new section. You might be renting a house or perhaps prefer a low, landscaped garden. Sometimes it’s not that easy to wander out into the backyard to hang a feeder from the nearest low-hanging branch. 

We’ve added three new products to our range that are ideal for the safe and stylish nourishment of New Zealand’s wild birds — without the need for trees.

The Feeder Fix is for those who are ‘on the fence’ about where to put out the goods. Strong and secure, the clamp allows a bird feeder to be easily attached to a balcony, fence, or well, almost anywhere with an edge. The spiralled curves mean urban-dwelling bird lovers can attach hanging nourishment such as a nectar feeder, Energy Coconut Feeder or a Truffle Feeder filled with cut fruit. This is a great way to attract bird life to new neighbourhoods and city sites.


The name of the Penthouse says it all. High, dry and undoubtedly stylish, this bird feeder provides a safe place for birds to rest and feed without the risk of running into a pesky predator. The fly-through design means they’ll feel extra safe as there’s a swift entry and exit point. The perches are great for those birds that like to hang around and the sturdy platform can hold everything from fruit or mealworms to a bowl of sweet nectar. Life is good at the top!


As for the Hangout, its quality construction and classic styling will be at home in many outdoor spaces. It’s great for low-grow gardens or spaces in which trees are maturing. The height of the Hangout is important for keeping feeding birds safe from predators such as cats. In particular native birds like the korimako/bellbird and tui enjoy sitting up high in order to belt out their tuneful calls. Up to four feeders can be suspended from the wrought iron curlicues of this freestanding hanger, which is easy to stake into the ground with a sturdy base that keeps it upright. Provide a variety of food and you’ll be able to please birds of all feathers.

These new designs are sure to be a hit with New Zealand bird lovers who haven’t had the trees to please their feeding needs. They make a perfect gift too - check out the range here or find a handy local stockist nearby.  




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