Dogs of Topflite: introducing our good boys and girls

Dogs of Topflite: introducing our good boys and girls

Behind every great Topflite team member, there's a very good boy or girl! Allow us to introduce a few of them to you.


Jess is a 12 year old golden Labrador crossed with a boxer. This good girl’s human is Mel, one of our Customer Service superstars.

Loves: going for a ride on the tractor.
Loathes: thunder and rain
Favourite Hound treat? Loves them all!

Jip and Fig 

These two can be found working hard at Rosedale Farm. Fig is a huntaway beardie cross, Jip is a huntaway crossed with something mysterious…

They love: rolling in dead animals. Catching rats. Margot.
They loathe: not working
Favourite Hound treat? A cold Speights before turning in for the day ;-) 

Bracken and Tussock

Bracken the Maltese-Shih Tzu and Tussock the Border Terrier belong to Bronnie, our Finance Manager.

Bracken loves: squeaky toys or being on Border Patrol round the neighbourhood or at the window
Bracken loathes: loud power tools or magpies
Favourite Hound treat? Steak Bites or Liver Lot but won’t turn any down!

Tussock loves: finding something really super stinky and rolling in it or walkies (just short walkies these days though)
Tussock loathes: long car trips or going out in the rain
Favourite Hound treat: Chicken or Beef Chips (easier on the old lady teeth)


Herb, a Fieldline Golden Retriever, lives with Megan, one of our Customer Service superstars.

Loves: Swimming and eating carrots
Loathes: Getting told off for picking the strawberries
Favourite Hound treat: All of them!

Kenzy, Shay and Ivy

Scott is our Operations Manager and his pack all love running off-leash in the hills, chasing wallabies and possums. Not surprisingly, they all love Hound Treats too which Scott calls the “dog finders”. If the dogs are not around, all he has to do is open the bag and they appear at his feet as if by magic!

Kenzy, the golden Labrador is 6.5 years old.
Loves: getting wet and muddy.
Loathes: on cuddles unless it's her idea.  

Chay is 6 years old and was rescued by Scott at about 10 months old. 
Loves: cuddles ALL the time. 
Loathes: getting wet and muddy.

Ivy is 1.5 years old and was rescued as a pup.
Loves: chasing things and running everywhere really fast. 
Loathes: being told “no”, and when it’s time to go inside and chill out.


Short for 'Aubergine', Obi belongs to the Webster family. He’s a 2 year old Border Terrier.
Loves: chasing rabbits and balls, cuddles, water and having his hair plucked
Absolutely loathes: wearing a dog harness
Favourite Hound treat: Never says no to a Tripe Slice
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